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Privacy Policy

Opera Browser commits for the privacy protection of consumer and us also ask necessary information, no irrelevant information is asked. We further state that no individual information will be leaked outside the company area without prior consent. All the information related to clients and their payments are maintained in SSL [secure socket layer].

Confidentiality Of Our Website

The personal information you provide us is your specific identification and will only be used for contact and location purposes. Any information that has linked with personal information becomes personal data, including, name, postal address, telephone number or email and this all will be confidential. Further, only the assigned staff can access this information. We guarantee you that no personal information will be released to any corporation or individual and that is only done after prior consent of the client.

Information Collection

During registration, we ask the client for some basic information like name, address, company, fax, phone, email address. We collect information for billing and verify it later through a secure billing service. All the information provided by clients is secured by Opera Browser Number and will not be given to the third party without the sole consent of the client.

No Disclosure Of The Personal Information

No information will be provided to the third party without your prior consent. Before disclosing, we will explain to you why and to whom are we disclosing your information. Certain times we need to disclose but this will be let known to you. If we find any person or source is harming you by any means, then it will be suggested by legal directives and his personal information will be revealed.