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Our services you avail is encrypted with certain term and conditions. Violation of these terms and conditions can cause direct termination of a contract.  If we came to know that the client has been using a portfolio of our technical support, then this will lead to discretion. We only avail tech services for those clients who makes payment for subscription, without payment no one will be entertained. Any content found unlawful will be deleted by the company, it also includes the client account. A tech support company has full right to use the host partners and third-party vendors for various services. Clients are not at all authorized to transfer the content, they should keep all information about services within the tech support area only. Clients are fully responsible for all changes of confirmation or adoption connecting the network devices. Further, the company is not at all responsible.

Cancellation And Termination

By the prior consent of the client, the services will be canceled before the end up of paid month. Further, this will cancel services and no charges will be made in the near future. The data of the client will be archived in several servers and when the time arises in several active servers. Account cancellation request will be forwarded to the account manager and further you will receive an acknowledgment. Using illegal software can lead to cancellation of the account. Technical support company has full right to refuse to provide any services that arise from unauthorized access. Termination of account will instantly lead to no access to PC services.

Content Ownership And Copyright

Technical support company has full right to remove unauthorized content. The data that customer shares with our company will be an intellectual property and no copyright will be issued.